Plein-Jeu like Fugen is related to music. However, here the works’ common form is not intended, but their common sound. For Plein-Jeu means, not only—literally— full play, but is also the internationally used registry direction for the tutti on the pipe organ. These large-format canvases evoke the entire spectrum of colors. Each color has a unique sound. It no longer floats in front of or behind the ground of the painting like in Transit, but stays exclusively in relation to and in reciprocity with the colors that surround it. These diverse next-door spatial relations produce simultaneous contrasts and harmonies, dissonances and consonances.

Plein-Jeu is the sixth part of the seven part work LOOK AND LISTEN (Imago – Drift – Toccata – Fugen – Transit – Plein-Jeu – Sirene).

  • Plein-Jeu II · 240 × 400 cm · acrylic on canvas · 2015