The cycle Fugues was created between 2000 and 2009 and consists of 58 large linocuts on paper. Each work comprises six sheets which seamlessly link to each other. The complete print measures 244 x 258 cm. The surface of the paper is entirely printed by hand without leaving a border. Each work is unique. Structure of the cycle. In 2004 the cycle was awarded the prize from the Ilse-Augustin-Foundation Berlin. In 2009 the Edition Fugues was published.

Fugues is the forth part of the seven part work LOOK AND LISTEN (Imago – Drift – Toccata – Fugen – Transit – Plein-Jeu – Sirene)


  • Simple Fugue · 244 × 258 cm · linocut on paper (hand-print) · single-piece work · 2001